Ok… so this guy, Dominique Ansel, is sooo disconupelle. 

What he has done with the religieuse is #totesamaze.

27 November 2012 ·

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About Me

I started making tote bags for reals when my lovely friend Rach asked me to make her a bag. I always loved the idea especially with all the amazing patterns that are available and I had taken a course at Central St Martins so I had the basic skillz. The brief was to make her a bag that she could use for her groceries.
So I did and everything has gone from there.
One of my favourite parts (aside from giving the bag to its future owner / gifter) is putting the fabrics together that initially don’t seem to match but actually do.
The definition of the term “Disconupelle” is as follows…. for the further story, check out the “What’s in a name?” page.
Definition: Disconupelle
1. Unique bags from my world to yours
1. To remove a staple from a group of stapled pages
2. To take things apart / or put things together out of curiosity

Enjoy Disconupelle!
Alex Grace